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Mission Statement

The Senior Focus is committed to serving the needs of seniors, their caregivers and their families. Our mission is to provide education and information to senior citizens and to help them maintain the quality of their lives as they age. We accomplish our mission through a TV talk show, symposia, seminars and other lectures, free legal clinics, and much more.

We live in a crisis driven society. All too often people wait for a catastrophic event to befall them BEFORE they plan for their future. When seniors delay personal needs and legal planning, they act in a penny wise and pound foolish manner. They expose themselves and their loved ones to enormous, catastrophic financial consequences that could be averted through appropriate and timely planning.

The Aging of America!

It is no secret that America is getting older. The Social Security Administration estimates that more than 10,000 people a day turn 65 years of age. As the Baby Boomer generation reaches the age of retirement, their numbers have helped generate the so called “Silver Tsunami” we face today.

The Senior Focus knows that aging seniors are not all the same. Some will retire and others will keep working. Hobbies, such as cooking, golfing or reading, will vary between them. Some will be interested in political affairs and current events, others will not. Elder Law issues, health issues, retirement and personal needs planning should hold the attention of everyone. What it means to be a “senior” today encompasses all facets of life. The Senior Focus helps educate and inform senior citizens so they can stay in their homes and live independent and dignified lives.